Small Scenarios 2: The benefit that is rarely used is about to get used a lot

You need to develop an image of what happens the day that all of the critical people are busy grieving or at funerals. The 2-page paper on bereavement leave gives you a point of departure for addressing the issue in your organization. There are no answers here, just really good questions.

AI & Predictive Hiring Technology: User Interface Design Ethics Part 2 of 2

There is a path to realize the full potential of AI and intelligent software but it isn’t one made with technology ideas engineered for a different time and reality.

AI & Predictive Hiring Technology: User Interface Design Ethics Part 1 of 2

“How to present predictive information and user interface is also changing. The essence of traditional interfaces is a deep emphasis on clarity (or intuitiveness). One look at the interface tells you what to do. That doesn’t work with likelihoods.” - John Sumser

What HR Should Be Asking Part 2

What is becoming possible is so far beyond conventional definitions of analytics that you’ll miss the bus if that’s how you approach the problem.

The 7 Stages of Promotion

People don’t know what it’s like to lead until they get there.  Too often, however, professionals overestimate how well they know this new place, thus they engage the stages of promotion with surprise and elevated stress.

Work and Time

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For most jobs, the work is about creating something, fixing something, or managing something. While all those things take time and energy, none is about spending the time itself.

Advancing the Gender Agenda: Three Reasons Companies Should Mean Business

“The competition for critical talent, including specialized skills and leadership, remains high. The reason is simple: the talent supply in key areas is not keeping up with demand, and companies must do all they can to boost that supply. ” – Kelly Cartwright

Five Links: Skills Gap

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Mexico Is Now A Top Producer Of Engineers But Where Are The Jobs? “President Felipe Calder on last month boasted that Mexico graduates 130,000 engineers and technicians a year from universities and specialized high schools, more than Canada, Germany or even Brazil, which has nearly twice the population of Mexico.”

Strategic Recruiting II (from the Vaults)

Although it may seem overwhelming at first, you should be able to identify the people who are likely to become a part of your workforce, the various sources (schools, competitors, adjacent industries) from which they will emerge.

Strategic Recruiting I (from the Vaults)

Reactive processes are compounded by tools that work against effective recruiting. Applicant Tracking Systems, by and large, create overwhelming pools of data that inhibit clear decision making.