At times, Cleveland seemed as far as you could travel from Las Vegas. Where the desert

However, the people were astonishing. Good cheer, thoughtfulness, solid attention and an observable concern for value characterized the audience of 100 or so recruiters at the Main Sequence Technology headquarters in Willoughby, Ohio. (Main Sequence, you probably know, produces the legendary PCRecruiter.)
The Cleveland Recruiting Roadshow was an unqualified success. Main Sequence, our host, gave us access to their amazing campus They provided delicious foods, beverages and gifts for the participants.

The morning started with a talk by Joel Cheesman, the charismatic Cheezhead. He kept the crowd entertained as he plowed fertile ground with John Stewart videos and employment branding admonitions. It is easy to understand the rapid growth of Joel’s influence. His non-threatening, jovial demeanor disguises and softens his more revolutionary agenda.

Don Ramer appeared next. The founder and CEO of Arbita delivered a mesmerizing talk on the future of recruiting. It’s all about community and transformation.

The morning wrapped up with a presentation from Jason Morris. Jason walked the audience through a nuts and bolts look at trends in Background Checking. His company, EmployeeScreenIQ.

The event closed with my presentation on multi-generational recruiting. The issues are even more profound in Cleveland because the young demographic is leaving the area.

Engaged, informed, fed and happy, the audience got a head start on rush hour, leaving at about 2:30.




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