Coming off three weeks of sensational news coverage on the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, it would be easy to skip over an HR article about discrimination. Where most people shy away from talking about discrimination in the workplace, it’s HR’s job to make sure the organization is actually doing something about discrimination.

In her article this week, Diversity: Perception, Inequality, and Blame, Heather Bussing points out that we can’t even agree on the reality of discrimination, a divide that stems from the different experiences of living and working in the world.

This week’s issue of Five Links explores HR Examiner articles about discrimination in the workplace. Five Links:

  • The Dream
    Yesterday, August 28th 2014 was the 51st Anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr’s famous speech. Read the full text here.
  • Diversity: Get Off My Lawn
    Over and over we set up the same dichotomy of Us v. Them. Pick your group, pick your label. Everyone else is excluded because they don’t know, don’t understand and have never been there.
  • Diversity: Voices of Discrimination
    Heather Bussing curates a rather amazing collection of stories about discrimination, told from first-hand experience across all walks of life.
  • Diversity: Why Laws Don’t Fix Discrimination
    “What usually happens is people just get more circumspect about how they discriminate so they don’t get caught.” -Heather Bussing
  • Unprotected Classes: Prejudice and Double-Standards Alive and Well in America
    Some would argue that America has come a long way since people could be denied employment based solely on the color of their skin, their sexual preference, physical ability, religion or other “protected” classes. That may be of little comfort to those who experience workplace discrimination on a daily basis, otherwise qualified workers who are stigmatized for their lifestyle choices, unfortunate circumstances, medical conditions and so on – the “unprotected classes.”
  • Why Age Discrimination Should Matter to You
    We are a culture that idolizes youth. We want to live forever. But we are terrified of getting old. Age discrimination can happen to you. It probably will.
  • Diversity: Tampering with Certainty
    How do we change hearts and minds so that we can appreciate our differences instead of pretending they don’t exist?

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Diversity: Perception, Inequality, and Blame

The difference in opinion about discrimination is based on different experiences living and working in the world.