Does HR Hold Any Real Power?

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Does HR Hold Any Real Power?“HR’s vocal critics are predominantly male and focused on the department’s seeming inability to cash in its own chips while complaining about the need for more of them. A more useful approach might be to help HR Practitioners gain effectiveness in organizational politics or to help illuminate the real power that they hold.”

That’s a paragraph from “What HR Thinks and Feels”, the HRxAnalysts report.

What’s the report about? The report is based on a three-year research study of the demographics, attitudes, behaviors and beliefs of HR professionals. I like to think of it as “the secret lives of HR pros.” It illuminates the real power HR holds. Check out the table of contents:

• Demographics
• Career
• Competencies
• Infographics
• Lifestyle
• Leisure Activities
• Outlook
Bret Starr adds some context:

“I’ve used the data in the report to create engaging brands, messages and marketing campaigns that appeal to HR buyers on pragmatic and emotional levels. But I can also see how the report could be used to create industry-specific sales techniques, refine requirements for HCM products and services, or even HR career development.

Check out this sample passage:

46% of all HR professionals have pursued postgraduate education. 16% have earned an MBA. 14% have earned some other master’s degree. And 4% have earned a doctoral agree. Postgraduate degrees are prevalent at all ranks (including generalist), but chief executives are much more likely to have an MBA, some other master’s degree or a doctoral degree than their lower-ranking colleagues. Starting at the director level, more HR professionals have pursued postgraduate education than not.
That’s one of about 1,000 data points in the report (no kidding). After analyzing this data with George LaRocque and Bret Starr, I feel like I know every HR professional in the country personally. Their hopes and dreams. Their professional ambitions. The value they provide and the power they hold. It’s in the report.

Download the free abridged executive brief of What HR Thinks and Feels

P.S. Bret, George and I will be presenting a one-time-only webinar on the topic of “What HR Thinks and Feels” next week. I’ll send you an invite to remind you about it but if you want to register right now, click here.

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