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Report: The 2018 Index of Predictive Tools in HRTech: The Emergence of Intelligent Software.
Date: October 24, 2017 HRExaminer.com
Report Details: 90 Pages, v4.2
Author: HRExaminer, John Sumser
Summary: The 2018 Index of Predictive Tools in HRTech is an in-depth industry analysis on the emergence of intelligent software. The report captures technologies commonly referred to as artificial intelligence or AI.
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Report Detail

HRExaminer is proud to announce the upcoming publication of its latest industry report: The 2018 Index of Predictive Tools in HRTech: The Emergence of Intelligent Software.

The report is an industry analysis of the technologies that many in marketing refer to as Artificial Intelligence.

More on the report

HRExaminer’s Principal Analyst, John Sumser, visited the academic centers of excellence in AI and spoke with the experts. Early in the project, he learned that there isn’t any AI in HR just yet. Instead, he found an explosion of intelligent tools that deliver new benefits to HR Technology users, often with less effort from the user.

Intelligent software is the next generation. What first generation software always delivered was essentially an empty spreadsheet for the user to configure and fill. Success was measured in ‘stickiness’ (or the amount of time a user spent using the software). The new tools do just the opposite, freeing the user to make better decisions.

Early adopters always derive the largest benefits from a new technology. The report offers all of the key insights necessary to make sound purchasing decisions at this early stage of the technology. Included are sections on key budgetary issues, ethics, and a look at what tomorrow will bring.

The underlying research is based on extensive interviews and demos with thirty software vendors from tiny startups to well-recognized platform providers. Each company is profiled and critiqued in a two-page summary that includes funding, business model, vision, and execution details along with a serious analytical review.

 The report is intended for use by potential purchasers, marketing departments and investors.

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Table of Contents


  • Executive Summary: An actionable summary
  • Introduction: There really isn’t any AI in HRTech just yet
  • Defining the Terrain: The technologies and possibilities
  • Market Map: Estimates of viability
  • Ethical Considerations: Murky territory ahead
  • Latency: Central issue in ownership; gap between reality and machine understanding
  • Total Cost of Ownership: Budget issues in the ownership of intelligent software
  • 21 Common Use Cases: Each of the companies offers a blend of use cases
  • Forecasts: Where it’s headed, what to expect
  • Companies We Didn’t Cover: A list of companies offering intelligent HR


Companies covered in the report


Bradio Burning Glass Ceridian
Cornerstone on Demand Crowded Engage Talent
Glint HireMya Hiretual
HireVue Humanyze IBM
Joberate Joyous karen.ai
Koru Kronos Leap.ai
PhenomPeople Pymetrics Salary.com
Scout SmartRecruiters Swoop
TalentSonar Talla Textio
Ultimate Software WCN Workday



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