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(Feb 11, 2009) The PR reads:

“One United Community. One Powerful Experience.
Candidates and recruiters are now able to enjoy a universal networking and career-centric platform that is the technological adhesive for developing trusting relationships, saving valuable time, and advancing rewarding careers.”

Huh? Technological adhesive? Super Glue for Jobs? “Can you help me? I used eHire and now I am stuck in my job.”

According to a recent press release,

“eHire has built the first low-cost candidate-centric and transparent job matching online recruitment platform that gives both candidates a voice in the hiring process and enables recruiters/employers to efficiently find qualified candidates. In essence, the eHire community-based application is the “eHarmony” for online recruiting, and includes features such as a multi-layered matching engine, a robust scoring mechanism, social networking components, comparative application and qualification views, career check-up services, and the automatic parsing of resumes, and more.” 

Thank goodness, what we’ve been missing is one more eHarmony for Jobs.

Here’s the list so far (If you have any additions, I’d love to see them.)

What’s surprising is that someone would launch a service with this sort of branding this late in the game. Although Harry Joiner said it best, there have been an endless supply of articles detailing the problems with matching. To summarize Joiner, there are five reasons that eHarmony won’t work for jobs:

  1. Companies often don’t know what they want the new employee to do
  2. Many jobs have no defined used for skill set
  3. All candidates are liars
  4. People are terrified to specialize
  5. Resumes and online “profiles” aren’t people

There may be real value in the eHire model. No one will ever notice if they keep this sort of marketing up.


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