Evenbase Sets New Pace

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Evenbase Sets New Pace - by John Sumser - HRExaminer

When the VP of HR slot is filled from within the ranks of the department, people with Recruiting backgrounds have the advantage.

Acquisition of Jobrapido Makes Evenbase the Fifth Largest Global Job Board Brand

If the name Evenbase doesn’t quite ring any bells yet , listen closely. You’ll hear them in the distance. They’re getting louder.

The company, which includes all of DMGT‘s job board properties (and job posting powerhouse Broadbean), is focused on aggressive adaptation to the changing landscape of sourcing. Evenbase was launched as an overarching brand earlier this year. The core properties include a dozen well known job boards. The company “powers” a significant percentage of the industry.

The company is at the beginning of a long march of planned innovation and market disruption. Today’s big news is that Evenbase has acquired Jobrapido, the Italian job aggregator and pay per click advertising stalwart. The paperwork is drying on the deal which was signed on Friday.

With Jobrapido in its portfolio, Evenbase joins the top five global sourcing brands, measured in traffic terms. The top five are:

Domestic American readers may not be familiar with Jobrapido. Built by the same kind of scrappy entrepreneurs who created other job aggregation sites, the Jobrapido team is global in its focus. They have a tiny footprint in the US so far. Last month, Jobrapido had 32 Million unique visitors

Here in the states, it’s easy to overlook the complexities and challenges of Global sourcing. Our conferences and trade publications have the traditional inward perspective of America in economic hard times. When you remember that the us is about 5% of global population, it’s easy to see that there’s a massive market that does fairly well.

What’s more interesting is the success that European entrepreneurs are having in the US. Broadbean, led by Kelly Robinson, its founder, is tearing up the American job post distribution market. The company began small and found its way in the British market.

Kelly is building out the US market for Broadbean in a very hands on way. Evenbase manages its acquisitions by rewarding them for doing what they are already good at doing. This was critical for the deal with Jobrapido.

The press releases are full of the sort of predictable banter about synergies and destiny. In some ways, that really misses the point. The Recruiting market is extremely global and extremely local at the same time.

Keith Potts, the founder of Jobsite and CEO of Evenbase is looking to bring the global recruiting marketplace into clear focus. As the spearhead of this acquisition, he’s gunning for the next horizon. He says that their business is the sourcing of candidates, wherever that takes us.


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