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Here’s a set of links that recap the LinkedIn related changes in the HR ecosystem.

Five LinkedIn Links

LinkedIn are on a tear. The stock price is propping up the notion that Silicon Valley IPOs are still a good idea. The company is releasing a torrent of new features and functionality. It’s hard to find a coherent critique in the flow of commentary.

Here’s a set of links that recap the LinkedIn related changes in the HR ecosystem.

  • Meet the New LinkedIn Profile: A Better Way to Connect and Build Relationships
    This was the moment that LinkedIn fully embraced the social networking as traffic destination model. Without robust traffic and lots of interaction among members, LinkedIn’s revenue stream would remain completely tied to data. The profile improvements are the gateway to the LinkedIn advertising revenue stream. The new profile encourages a narrative approach to the presentation of career data.
  • The 2012 State of Volunteer Recruitment Address
    Shari Ilsen from Volunteer Match highlights the fact that Interest now has more traffic than LinkedIn. This short piece focuses on visual recruiting using Interest, Integrate, and You Tube. See also The Visual Recruiting Superiority Effect
  • To the LinkedIn trainers, coaches and book writers …
    The Recruiting unconference impresario, Bill Boorman weighs in on LinkedIn astonishing rate of change in recent months. “I can’t remember a time when LinkedIn has changed more significantly, and at such speed, largely without prior warning. The market respects our thought leaders and trainers, please stop for breath, give it time to shake out and start advising us again over issues like keywords or not. You will have our eternal gratitude if you can figure it out, and hold off the training in instruction until we have answers to the questions.”
  • Ranking the 100 Most InDemand Employers Using LinkedIn Data
    This infographic from LinkedIn shows off their new stream of information products. This one is shaped by the same kind of analytics that drive the new LinkedIn Talent Brand Index. The tools would be more interesting if they measured something other than the universe as experienced within LinkedIn.
  • The Biggest Threat To LinkedIn: The Power Of Many, Not One
    Today, there are a number of signs indicating that our most-valued professional networking is beginning to happen elsewhere, on a growing roster of sites not named LinkedIn. This TechCrunch article cites Jon Bischke of Entello and Natasha Lomas (of Tech Crunch) in support of the view that a monolithic professional networking site is unlikely to succeed in the long haul. Real social networking is both professional and regional. See also this piece on The Future of Recruiting which lobbies for a compensation offer as the solution to in baskets full of InMail spam.
  • Here’s LinkedIn’s Biggest Revenue Problem
    Hint, they are particularly stuck in the US.

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