image with text that says 5 Links 3 B'sToday’s links focus on key elements of moving a business into the 21st Century. The traditional, hierarchical model of work is increasingly a consultant’s theory. Most of our enterprises have a multi layer matrix-y, multi-boss structure that adapts to the changes in the market. The tools in this set are a framework for starting to think about your company differently.

  • Visual Guide to NoSQL Systems NoSQL tools are used in databases that have other than tabular (rows and columns) organization. This little cheat sheet will help you be literate in conversations about the use of big data tools in your organization.
  • Some Of These Things Are Not Like The Others This article discusses the playable city, the idea that the city should be a platform for innovation (hacking). I wonder why we aren’t talking about the playable organization. “the Playable City is a city built on the beach, not the paving stones above it. This is human, playful, gentle; very much the opposite of ideals about clarity, accuracy, integration, efficiency and refinement – all ideals that emerge in the prevailing rhetoric around “Smart Cities”
  • The QA Mindset Who does QA for HR? “My concern is that the absence of QA is the absence of a champion for aspects of software development that everyone agrees are important, but often no one is willing to own. Unit tests, automation, test plans, bug tracking, and quality metrics. The results of which give QA a unique perspective. Traditionally, they are known as the folks who break things, who find bugs, but QA’s role is far more important. It’s not that QA can discover what is wrong, they intimately understand what is right and they unfailingly strive to push the product in that direction.”
  • How Browsers Get To Know You In Milliseconds  “A small technological marvel occurs on almost every visit to a web page. In the seconds that elapse between the user’s click and the display of the page, an ad auction takes place in which hundreds of bidders gather whatever information they can get on the user, determine which ads are likely to be of interest, place bids, and transmit the winning ad to be placed in the page.”Your employment pages should be every bit as smart and fast.
  • The Responsive Enterprise: Embracing the Hacker Way Most companies are busy, at one level or another, trying to model the efficiencies (and valuation multiples) of software companies.

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