5 links peek at 2014 HRExaminer John Sumser December 20, 2013Today’s five links offer a taste of the very near future.

  • A Google Hangouts Plug-in That Makes You A Nicer Person
    The video interviewing companies don’t really get the business they’re in. That’s because they aren’t video technology companies, the are interviewing companies. Because their businesses are not about video but about process improvement, they never really offer recruiters or candidates interesting tools. US+ is an example of the kind of secret weapon that job hunters will be bringing to the party. It coaches you, while you’re in the hangout about honesty, self absorption and a host of other issues. It’s way easier to do well in an interview with a real time coach.
  • Proof That It Pays to Be America’s Most-Hated Companies
    Companies don’t really care if you hate them. That’s because there is no correlation between stock investment returns and customer satisfaction. This article shows you the math. So if candidate experience matters because it improves customer satisfaction and customer satisfaction doesn’t really matter……
  • The Surprisingly High Cost Of Bull In Today’s Workplace
    “Now that the power in the market place has shifted from seller to buyer, with reliable information instantly available about choices and an ability to communicate among themselves, customers are in charge. To flourish, companies must delight them with continuing innovation. Key ingredients to delighting the customer include having accurate information about what’s happening as well as a staff passionately committed to delivering more value to customers. If the organization is awash in bull, that’s not possible. Radical transparency becomes a key operating requirement.”
  • The Danger of Fiath in Data
    Scott Berkun is today’s Peter Drucker. “Data gives you specific information about a singular vector of information. Data, like a flashlight, is only as useful as the person wielding it and the person interpreting what it shows. It has no magical powers. To get good information you want multiple sources so you can triangulate information and compensate for the inherent biases each kind of data has. For example A/B testing can tell you things customer interviews can’t and vice versa.”
  • Leveraging Personal Relationships to Source Talent
    Have you noticed that sourcecon is getting professional under Jeremy Roberts direction? Here’s a great example. 

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