conceptual graphic illustration with parallel lines and numeral 5 in article by John Sumser, Five links Engineering and HR published July 19, 2016“Imagine not merely an individual but an entire society — including its weakest, least intelligent, and most traditional members — suddenly transported into this new world. The result is mass disorientation, future shock on a grand scale.” – Alvin Toffler.

It’s not just our political world. The traumatic level of change rushes in on all fronts. The rate of change is accelerating rapidly. The result is a series of opportunities to rethink things we take for granted.

  • Invisible Talent
    On Diversity Recruiting:
    “Most of tech recruiting is currently not built to look for great talent. I’m not interested in ping-pong, beer, or whatever other gimmick used to attract new grads. The fact that I don’t like those things shouldn’t mean I’m not a “culture fit”. I don’t want to work in tech to fool around, I want to create amazing things and learn from other smart people. That is the culture fit you should be looking for.”
  • The Cynefin Framework 
    This is an important rethinking of decision making. While most organizations, particularly large consultancies, place a large emphasis on ‘best practices’, the truth is that they are only useful in very simple circumstances. Decision making happens in the context of the current circumstance. Sometimes best practices work. Sometimes good enough practices are the best choice. Sometimes you test. Sometimes you just get going. It’s pronounced Kenaven.
  • How to Use Facebook for Live Learning
    You should be following Lisa Nielsen
  • Where machines could replace humans—and where they can’t (yet)
    McKinsey delivers a deep analysis of the realities of the coming automation onslaught.  The report focuses on what people do and how it might be done by one sort of machine or another. That emphasis on process (the way things are currently done) ignores the possibility that automation will focus on results delivery. That’s my explanation for the fact that the study finds the work that McKinsey does (and the buyers of their services) are the least likely to be replaced by automation. But, what if management is the easiest thing to automate.
  • Aptitude Index Report: Talent Acquisition Systems 2016
    Madeline Laurano and Molly Lombardi are among the most interesting of the new class of industry analysts. Through their firm, Aptitude Research Partners, they have published an authoritative tool for purchasing decisions. Download it.

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