image of data lines connecting Five Links: Data and Integrity article on by John Sumser Published September 1, 2015

It’s not that the data is intentionally falsified (we hope). But, knowing how to critically consume data is a part of contemporary HR. Here are some starting points.

  • How to Know Whether to Believe a Health Study
    There are a few things you can easily do to make sure the research you are consuming is legit. Applies to qway more than health studies. If you want solid research you can depend on, you cannot also be impatient. Bookmark this one and file under crap detection.
  • 65 percent of psychology studies yield unreliable results
    Don’t take social science research at face value. Ever.
  • Personally Identifiable Information
    Pretty good definition of an emerging dta concern. Data seems to have propertires that are like a magnet. If you associate something with a piece of personally identifiable information (PII), the second thing can become personally identifiable information.
  • Workers Get New Tools for Airing Their Gripes
    A Wall Street Journal article chronicling fast feedback sysems (anonymous and otherwise) in the light of the Amazon-NYT escapade.
  • Spirituality and Big Data
    “Our capacity for self-deception is huge,” he said. “So finding ways to become more self-aware can be really worthwhile.”

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