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5-Links on HRExaminer

This week’s links mirror our focus on data with posts like John Sall’s post, Big data = Dirty data.

This week’s links mirror our focus on data. The last one is an interesting piece about the rapidly growing disparity between the wages of college educated workers and everyone else.

  • Big Data is Dirty Data
    This week in the HRExaminer, we’ve started looking at the work associated with cleaning data streams so that they can be used to assemble an aggregate picture. This short piece talks about another aspect of the problem. Each data source tends to generate inline error messages. In order to speot them in the flow, you have to know what they are. Otherwise, you get really strange results.
  • Teach Kids Programming
    (Or, teach your inner child a little coding.) Great little set of resources. In the 21st Century, coding is literacy. Get on board. Before you can really harness data, you have tyo know how to build the harness.
  • Measuring Heart Rate with a Smartphone Camera
    Scan this one. If you really, really understand the article, get in touch with a recruiter who isd looking for data scientists. Still, the article is clear evidence that all sorts of quantification is just around the corner. If you can measure heart rate, you can measure heart rate variablity ( a significant stress measure). Much of the technology for the next generation of performance management is already in the workplace.
  • Web Scraping (from Wikipedia)
    This piece is an accmpaniment to the data series. Wikipedia describes (in something resembling English) a deeper description of web scraping than we provided this week.
  • The growing economic clout of the college educated
    There is a rapidly growing disconnect between people with college degrees (about 27% of the American population) and everybody else. The gap is growing. It went from roughly 25% (the difference between someone with a degree and someone with a little college) to 50% over the past 20 years. It’s even more disheartening if you never went to university.

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