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graphic illustration of roman numeral 5 in article by John Sumser 5 Links Data published May 13, 2015Five Links: Data

It’s happening quickly. Where HR was the librarian and guardian of personnel information in the past, the types and quantities of that data have grown beyond HR’s current capacity to understand.

  • How To Not Drown In Numbers
    From the New York Times. “…here’s a secret: If you’re trying to make important decisions about your health, wealth or happiness, big data is not enough.” And, “No one data set, no matter how big, is going to tell us exactly what we need. The new mountains of blunt data sets make human creativity, judgment, intuition and expertise more valuable, not less.”
  • Data
    From Jer Thorpe, one of the leading voices in data visualization. This manifesto suggests that we take charge of data by treating it like a verb. Worth your attention.
  • Who Owns Medical Records: A 50 State Comparison
    Or, “Why HR is local.”
  • Who Owns Your Data?
    Another look at who owns which parts of medical data. It seems like the health care establishment owns data that comes from any medical devices implanted in you.
  • How We Are Measuring Happiness at Whitesmith
    A quick summary of tools and techniques for measuring happiness on the job.

Bonus Link:

  • Last Week Tonight: Government Surveillance
    You should be regularly watching John Oliver’s weekly news program. In this edition, he interviews Edward Snowden and schools him on how to talk about privacy and data.

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