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This week’s links are a reminder that technology is tearing its way through our universe. It happens fast, takes no prisoners and has no guaranteed winners.

It’s amazing how quickly the term disruption morphed from meaningful to noise. In the traditional view of information, the evolution goes noise=>data=>information=>intelligence=>insight. In the trajectory of buzzwords, however, there is an inevitable return to noise.

A distinction becomes clear. It’s useful for a while. Then, the doe-eyed repeaters of trendy terms beat it to death.

This weeks links are a reminder that technology is tearing its way through our universe. It happens fast, takes no prisoners and has no guaranteed winners.

  • Outbox vs. USPS: How the Post Office Killed Digital Mail
    Your ‘disruption’ just might be my ‘you’d better think twice’. Disruption is never, ever void of political ramification. When you think the system that you want to change is recalcitrant, try seeing it from their perspective. Disruption is the infection. The status quo is the white blood cells.
  • A Eulogy for Twitter
    An IPO, kajillions of users and a clever approach to communications don’t guarantee anything. “The publishing platform (twitter) that carried us into the mobile Internet age is receding. Its influence on publishing will remain, but the platform’s place in Internet culture is changing in a way that feels irreversible and echoes the tradition of AIM and pre-2005 blogging. A lot of this argument comes down to what we feel. Communities can’t be fully measured by how many people are in them. So as we suss out cultural changes, relying on first-hand experience is a first step. “
  • It’s All About the Experience
    Count us in the 6 pixels fan club. In a few short paragraphs, Mitch Joel lays out the real challenge of a mobile universe.
  • Five Key Ingredients To Make Your App Go Viral
    File this under ‘irritating crap that makes the impossible sound easy’. Characteristics of viral apps:
    – Effortless Design
    – Reward for use
    – Give users control
    – Bring them back (return visits)
    – Actually useful to a lone individual
  • How One Woman Hid Her Pregnancy From Big Data
    From the outside, diligent attention to your own privacy looks just like you are up to no good. This is a useful how to.

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