conceptual graphic illustration with parallel lines and numeral 5 in article by John Sumser,  Five links Engineering and HR published June 1, 2015

This week, John Sumser looks at engineering and HR with five links that explore systems and technology that are trying to capture the essence of being human.

Five Links: Engineering and HR

Between the data tsunami and the drive to embrace engineering business models, hard numbers are coming to HR. At the same time, the rest of the organization needs HR’s implicit strengths more than ever.

  • Special Report: Hacking the Human OS
    You know things are progressing when IEEE (the preeminent engineering society) issues a special report on a topic. This one includes a dozen articles and another 6 opinion pieces from people who are in the field. If you are going to embrace the intersection of Health, Fitness, Wellness, Wearable Computing, and, Tracking/Monitoring. This is a good starting place.
  • The quantified self in a complex system: A systems perspective on mental workload
    A primer on how to think about the measurement of human performance. Surprising that none of the Performance Management schemes are this clear.
  • The Changing Geography of Racial Opportunity
    “We found, for all three major minority groups,   that the best places were neither the most liberal in their attitudes nor had the most generous welfare programs. Instead they were located primarily in regions that have experienced broad-based economic growth, have low housing costs, and limited regulation.”
  • The New Design Fundamentals
    All of the energy being invested in User Experience (UX) design is going to land squarely in the hands of HR. The future is about the design of Employee Experience. This free download from O’Reilly is an intro to their POV.
  • Don’t Get Too Busy For The People Side Of Business
    There is revolution afoot in the world of companies that are shifting to Software business models. (That’s an awful lot of companies.) Engineers are sliding into the executive seats in these operations. They come uniformly unprepared to deal with human interactions. It’s the bright forefront of HR futures. This short piece gives you a sense of what’s coming.

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