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Five Links: Hot Topics - by John Sumser - HRExaminer

When the VP of HR slot is filled from within the ranks of the department, people with Recruiting backgrounds have the advantage.

Five Links: Hot Topics

This week’s basket of goodies includes a great new diversity initiative, tools for better presentations, user interface design trends, emplyment branding on your refrigerator, using crowdsourcing and a bonus link.

  • Specialist People
    A Danish non-profit committed to building 1Million jobs for people on the autism spectrum. This is a diversity question that will grow in importance as the current explosion of autism turns into the workforce.
  • Free Assets From The eLearning Community
    A collection of useful clip art and other materials for presentations. I love the stick figures and blurred backgrounds.
  • 13 App Design Trends for 2013
    If you buy into the notion that enterprise interfaces must be consumerized, then you need to stay on top of the state of the art in consumer apps. This is a perfect place to start.
    Some good insights and questions. Does the new Microsoft emphasis on flat (not 3D) interfaces represent a new wave? Are ideas about color effectiveness in flux?
  • How Crowdsourcing will Affect HR in 2013
    This is one more “New Architecture of Work” category. The use of crowd sourced information and input is changing the way that HR delivers performance information, manages the employer brand, acquires small project workers, implements the right mix of benefits, takes the organization’s pulse and foments innovation. The article is a great pass-around for your staff.
  • The Future of Marketing: You Connected to Your Toaster
    Money quote: “If you are not paying for the product, then you are the product.” This short article is a good reminder that everything is being connected to the Internet. In this rendition, it’s about the opportunities to advertise (which is, of course where employment branding and recruitment advertising will also appear). Try to get your brain wrapped around the idea that you will be recruiting people on their refrigerators.
  • Best Cities for Job Growth: 2012
    Some real surprises hear. Part of the talk about skills shortages stems from the fact that where the people are and where the jobs are are different. Job growth is best in some surprising places.


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