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HR Examiner’s 5 Links: Measures

  • In the Nick of Real Time “Pandora’s box has been opened. It can’t be closed. Brands are racing to capture as many fans as possible in as many social media channels as possible. It’s not enough for brands to capture and connect with these consumers, without the expectation of one good turn deserving another. It turns out that consumers want one thing: their issues resolved. And, they want it done fast. Faster than fast. The challenge is this: the majority of brands act fast… as fast as they can. Sadly, it’s not even close to being fast enough for consumers.”
  • Everyone Loves Passive Candidates, But We Hire Mostly Actives John Zappe illuminates new insights from Gerry Crispin and Mark Mehler  (the CareerXroads’ team). It turns out that all of the posturing about passive candidates being better doesn’t have much follow through. Apparently we talk a good game about hunting for help but would rather have them come to us. It will be interesting to understand LinkedIn’s reaction to this.
  • These might be the next HR Roles you need to fill Now entrenched in Google’s strategy department, Steve Boese’s view of the world of HR and Technology just keeps getting bigger. This article shows the range of jobs that will be entering the HR operation over the next several years. Change is really with us.
  • Where do you live? Understanding how people identify with their geography is a key part of understanding a regional culture. This short piece will help you understand the importance of seeing the world from a city (not state or national) perspective.
  • Quantified Self: Louisville Meetup Recap We are learning how to embed data, measurement, analysis and visualization into every aspect of our lives and organizations. The Quantified Self movement is exploring the outer edges of the idea. But, it’s getting enough momentum to be able throw a huge meetup in a town like Louisville. The article will give you some samples of what’s happening at the front.


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