Five Links: New Quantified Employee Tools

On June 25, 2015, in HRExaminer, John Sumser, by John Sumser

Five links illustration on HRExaminer.comFive Links: New Quantified Employee Tools

As a committed user of Google Glass, I can tell you that it is sometimes embarrassing to be an early adopter. Although the Apple Watch seems to be floundering in its market approach, there’s no escaping the fact that self monitoring (and company monitoring of those various selves) is a coming thing.

It’s a question of years, not centuries. And, it’s a question of who is able to tell the story of the value of personal data.

Here are some of the latest offerings in the exploding array of new self measurement tools and apps. Take a quick scan to get a sense of the increasing sophistication and ease of use.

  • Inside Tracker
    Comprehensive blood testing with nutrition and lifestyle recommendations. It’s a comprehensive package for people who want to understand and improve their health/lifestyle by monitoring markers in their blood. The various plans focus on specific result clusters.
  • uBiome
    Test and monitor the microbes in your mouth, ears, nose, gut, or genitals (or some or all).
  • Addapp
    Integrates, monitors and reports on data from your various sensors (smart watches, scales, apps, tests, etc.). Part of an emerging class of personal data mining tools.
  • Beddit
    This sleep monitor goes under your bottom sheet.
  • dacadoo
    Another data integration tool that takes your inputs (all in the app, unlike Addapp) and gives you a score. Positioned for the wellness market.
  • Breezing
    Measure your metabolism at home. A bit pricey but provides the missing link between diet, exercise and weight loss.
  • Oura
    Coming soon. A ring that works like a fitbit.

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