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This week, it’s tracking and targeting.

Five Links: Paranoia Edition

This week, it’s tracking and targeting. The social in social media means hunting and acquiring to some. It means reasonable paranoia to others.

  • Software That Tracks People On Social Media Created By Defence Firm
    The UK’s Guardian reports on tracking software developed by Raytheon. media sites, the tool generates enough clear data (and photo information) to easily identify the best time to steal someone’s laptop. Be sure to watch the demo video (how the tool tracks you online)and read the followup piece, Why We Should All Worry About Being Tracked Online.
  • The End of Sourcing Is Near … the Remaining Recruiting Challenge Is Selling
    Pot stirrer John Sullivan timed the release of this piece to be the talk of Sourcecon, the conference for sourcers (people who find people). In the brouhaha that followed, many sourcers rose to challenge Sullivan’s thesis (since privacy is dead, it’s easier to find people). Sullivan’s piece is actually more interesting for the way it forecasts the end of recruiting in general. His take is that referral tools, coupled with great salesmanship, are the recruiting function of the future.
  • How Retargeting Works (Video)
    If you read HR Blogs, you’ve probably noticed that you are seeing the same ads everywhere you go. A number of leading HR blogs are participating in an ad network that places a cookie in your browser’s cache. Bingo. You are now a target to be retargeted. Say “Thank you” to the bloggers who feel comfortable selling you to a third party without asking you if it’s okay. (Download this informative white paper). Retargeting is also being used on internal communications systems to make sure that specific bits of information are read.
  • How to Recruit Job Candidates Through “Retargeting” Ads
    Retargeting is still in its infancy. Ultimately, it will be a part of the recruiting arsenal. It’s automated sourcing, more or less. Here’s a tutorial.
  • The Magnet
    This new blog from startup Ongig covers tools and techniques for using social media in recruiting.


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