Last week we talked about How Referrals Work and followed that with Referral Software this week. Now is a good time to mine the HR Examiner archives to dig deeper into referrals.Five Links:

  • Referrals
    While it has become common to refer to one’s collection of friends and connections as a network, and to accept that the 6 Degrees principle applies universally, things don’t quite work that way.
  • Referrals 1
    Referrals are the best way to find new employees, right? Sort of. You are no more likely to hire all of your employees through a referral program than you are to broil everything you eat.
  • Referrals 2
    It’s just like buying your friend a lottery ticket and every bit as likely to pay off. This new form of referral, divorced from all of its social intimacy, is the crap that many social media recruiting tools are peddling.
  • Referrals 3
    Here’s a first attempt to identify the different kinds of transactions that are now lumped into the referral category. Each case is different and will have different levels of effectiveness.
  • Refer or Reefer: Another Social Recruiting Referral Play
    Real “connectors” make incredibly prudent and balanced decisions when it comes to referring a job or a candidate

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