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If you work in HR (in any capacity), you should know at least this much about technology. The five articles range from the details of how and what to code to new gizmos to use in employment branding. Even though the rush of new Silicon Valley ideas seems to be slowing for a moment, the underlying trend (the automation of everything or Software is Eating Everything) is going faster and faster.

  • Persistent HRM Object Model Errors Part I — Job And Position
    Part 1 of a 2 part series from Naomi Bloom. (Here is part 2.) Bloom is the industry’s very own Grace Hopper. She’s done more to educate the industry about great software development practice than anyone else. (Here’s her tutorial on object models.) Anyhow, in these two pieces, Naomi proposes an approach to the underlying HR Data that clearly distinguishes the worker from the work. That makes it possible to build effective HRM enterprise software.
  • What is Code?
    An extraordinary article that will bring you up to speed on contemporary coding. “This is real. A Scrum Master in ninja socks has come into your office and said, “We’ve got to budget for apps.” Should it all go pear-shaped, his career will be just fine.”
  • Are Companies Any Good at Picking Stars?
    Collecting data, from assessments to performance increments, is easy. Still, predicting employee success is more art than science. Managers say that they predict potential correctly about half of the time.
  • Facebook Bluetooth Beacons
    The next frontier in Employment Branding for retail, hospitality, healthcare and other location-based businesses. Engage the people who visit your business while they use Facebook.
  • The Automated Workplace
    Scripting is back with a vengeance. Here’s a tutorial on how to build your own bot.

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