Five Links: Talent and The Net - by John Sumser - HRExaminer

Five Links: Talent and The Net

Be sure to read the study that says “68% of Talent Managers think they are in the top 20%.

  • Hiring Great Engineers
    The gist of the story? Do it in person. Know who you want and meet them for coffee
  • An Internet for Manufacturing
    “The factory has more than 10,000 sensors spread across 180,000 square feet of manufacturing space, all connected to a high-speed internal Ethernet. They monitor things like which batches of powder are being used to form the ceramics at the heart of the batteries, how high a temperature is being used to bake them, how much energy is required to make each battery, and even the local air pressure. On the plant floor, employees with iPads can pull up all the data from Wi-Fi nodes set up around the factory.”What’s usually missing in these early description of the next internet is the fact that human capital and its development is an easy thing to monitor and direct in the new manufacturing world.
  • Internet 2012 in Numbers
    Bookmark this for presentation data
  • State of Talent Mangers Report
    From HRExaminer Editorial Advisory Board member Marc Effron’s New Talent Management Network comes this study of the aptitudes, attitudes and perceptions of over 700 talent managers.
    “For those who ponder why few CEOs emerge from HR’s ranks, here is one answer. HR leaders have little desire for that role or others in the C-suite. TM professionals set their sights even lower – fewer than one in five aspire to be CEO. Across HR, our ambitions lie largely within our sub-functions (TM, L&D, BP). Just 14% – 31% aspire to our penultimate role being in a different sub-function.
  • MeetAlex
    Alex is like Siri for benefits enrollment. It comes in mobile and Spanish as well as online and English

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