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When the VP of HR slot is filled from within the ranks of the department, people with Recruiting backgrounds have the advantage.

Five Links: The Future is Close

This week’s links include an online class, two views of crowdsourcing, spreading ideas online and the industrial internet. As a bonus, there’s a pointer to the universe of Smart Dust. This edition is brought to you with one foot in the future and one foot in the past.

  • Defining the Industrial Internet
    Shortly, the majority of internet users will be things. As sensore, refrigerators and jet engines get tied to the net, significant changes are in store. What is happening involves increasingly sophisticated integration of sensor information. This is an emerging topic that will make its way to the boardroom shortly. Alongside these developments will be questions about the data that employees generate by using machines that reside on the Industrial Internet.
  • How to Make That One Thing Go Viral
    Understanding the way ideas (memes) move through the culture is at the heart of virality. This madly irreverent slide deck gets to the root of the question.
  • How Amazon Teamed Up with Twitter On Its Human Search Army
    There are some things that happen too fast for search engines. Breaking news is a great example. In order to stay ahead of the competition, Twitter hoped to find the exact moment when news breaks. To do that, they needed a big team of human monitors. That’s exactly what Amazon’s Mechanical Turk provides. The Mechanical Turk is kind of a crowd sourcing marketplace for small repeatable tasks. You need to understand it for two reasons. First, this is the sort of tool you use to clean your data for sme of the emerging ‘Big Data’ applications. Second, as chunks of your comapny’s workload start to get executed this way, the question will be ‘What is HR’s role in this form of Human Capital’?
  • How Crowdsourcing Will Affect HR in 2013
    The mechanical turk approach is only one of a number of ways that crownsourcing will creep into HR in the coming years. It’s an ssential undercurrent in GAmification. It is an interesting method for making performance reviews more real time. It’s Generation 2 of the stuff that’s trying to be Social Recruiting Referrals.
  • Online Statistics Education: An Interactive Multimedia Course of Study
    This course, which I’m currently taking, is a solid Statistics 101 offering. It’s online. It’s free. It’s self paced. With each passing day, statistics literacy looks like a survival skill for 21st Century organizational life. Getting through an intro course is a right of passage.

Bonus Link

  • The Inevitability of Smart Dust
    Computing doubles in capacity, falls in price by 50%, requires half as much power and shinks in size by 50% every 18 months to two years. Ultimately, that means that desktop computing vanishes into its own interface. It also means that dust particlle sized computing is in the medium term future.

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