Five Links: The Unevenly Distributed Future - by John Sumser - HRExaminer

The world is changing fast and these ideas are at the forefront of the change.

Five Links: The Unevenly Distributed Future

Each one of these articles should cause you to scratch your head. The world is changing fast and these ideas are at the forefront of the change. How the outside sees your labor practices, man-machine integration, democratic big data, brain drain is good, build a utility with your brand. Enjoy.

  • How Do Your Brands Rate?
    Lots of people in HR ask whether Big Data really means anything to them. Take a look at this article. It shows working conditions by company across the apparel industry, from farm to factory. The first question is whether or not your operation could stand this level of visibility. The second question is how do you acquire this view of your human capital in your niche. Not only is big data relevant, it’s the place where marketing risk and labor risk intersect. Internal operations like HR have to be faster than the outside that’s looking in.
  • Welcome To The Hybrid Age
    Viewed from a slightly different perspective, the fact that employees come to work with better tech than their employers offer points to an interesting new future.
    Humans and technology are merging into some sort of techno-being. Really, look around you. That addiction to instant input from handheld devices is just the precursor to embedded tools. As that happens, what is HR’s role? (Also, check out the Hybrid Reality Institute which explores human-technology coevolution and geotechnology, and their implications for society, business and politics.) Bonus link: Wired.UK’s So long, information age. Hello, hybrid age Also, US Spies ee Superhumans, Instant Cities by 2030)
  • The Top Trends for Business Intelligence in 2013
    Put Tableau Software on your radar. For the part of Big Data that involves visualization, these folks are setting the pace. Their bottom line view is that Big Data becomes democratic and usable by everyone.
  • Brain Drain is Good (Talent Retention Causes Brain Drain)
    From an amazing team that is covering the renaissance in Pittsburgh. “People develop, not companies. As with cities, we tend to forget that businesses are made up of people. Talent is the new oil. The freedom to move spurs tremendous growth. Silicon Valley towers over Boston’s Route 128 because its workers are more geographically mobile.”
  • Great Marketing is Utilitarian
    “Brands can create a utility. Something that people don’t just want, but need. Something that would earn this brand the covered spot on the home screen of their consumer’s smart phones and tablets. Marketing is no longer just about messaging and brand loyalty. Now, brands can provide a high level of utility with real tools that consumers need to enhance their daily lives. Think it’s not possible? It is.” This same logic applies to employment branding.

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