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Today’s Five Links looks closely at three aspects of data: crowdsourcing, wearables and big data projects.

This edition of five links looks closely at three aspects of data: crowdsourcing, wearables and big data projects. Each article illuminates an idea that you’ll need to have to navigate the coming changes.

  • Wearables Fever
    A great counter argument to all of the wearables hype you’ve been hearing. Also a good introduction to Jean-Louis Gassee’s blog.
  • The Candy Weighing Demonstration
    This experiment is a demonstration of the problem with crowdsourced data. Individuals tend to overestimate. Crowdsourcing is plagued by the same problem that makes performance management so difficult: People suck at self-appraisal.
  • Who Had Richer Parents, Doctors or Artists?
    This sort of analysis will come to the forefront in Recruiting and HR analytics. It’s reasonable to wonder whether parental income drives employee performance. With or without consent (income data can be derived from zip code data), employers will be considering these sorts of things. If the goal is to build the best performing organization, why wouldn’t you?
  • The Parable of Google Flu
    Google flu (the project designed to predict flu outbreaks from search engine traffic) failed to acurately forecast flu season in each of the past three years. It’s a colossal failure of PR (the actual data process may be working just right). In the rush to show that big data has super powers, no one noticed that all big data projects involve hand massaging of the data. That means that success depends more on the assumptions of the massagers than it does on the data. Google flu will be used as the case that proves that big data doesn’t work for many years to come.
  • The Principles of Good Data Analysis
    Frame this and hang it over your desk.
    “It’s unlikely that your data is perfect and it probably doesn’t capture everything you need to complete a thorough and exhaustive analysis – you’ll need to hold some assumptions throughout your work. These need to be explicitly stated when you’re sharing results.”

Bonus Link

  • News Media Revenue Matrix: The Bird’s Eye View
    Another piece from Jean-Louis Gassee’s blog (just to make sure you know it’s there). In this one, there is a crisp and simple analysis of news company products and the relative likelihood of revenue generation. Since news outlets are at the heart of much talent community development, this is a bigger trend worth understanding.

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