5 links Work is ChangingHow will we cope with the constantly expanding universe of data? Everything you own will be inhabited by intelligent agents operating on your behalf. How will we think about work? Today’s employment practices are archaic and barbaric.

  • What Are Game Developers? A View From The Future
    How contemporary employment practices might look from the future. “Ungroomed and clothed in rags, developers were assigned to pens hidden within ordinary offices. These firms called themselves “studios” to draw an association with popular art and entertainment of the era. Often they even occupied the same buildings as respectable enterprises like law firms and agribusiness consultancies.”
  • What If A Photo Could Make That Shelf You Always Wanted?
    Angie’s List, which does for freelancing what craigslist does for everything else, introduces an app that let’s you spec out a piece of work with a photo.
    Expect this form of delegation to spread through the trades and into the office.
  • Your Phone Will Read People’s Emotions Better Than You Ever Could
    This piece summarizes a Wired Article called “This Computer Can Tell When People Are Faking Pain“. In an earlier edition,l we covered some of the facial pattern recognition software that doesn’t wrestle with identity but mines the face for other clues. Coming to a Google Glass near you.
  • Super Normal: Innovation Starts With The Ordinary
    Begin with what you know. Then, improve it. “To apply Super Normal thinking we start by looking at what is normal and then ask the question: What are the key problems? In the case of our basic metal bucket we can find a few. First, the metal handle cuts into your hand when carrying a bucket full of cold water. Second, when picking up a bucket of cold water the metal is freezing to the touch. Third, when pouring the water out, it’s hard to control the stream of water, causing you to lose water.”
  • Betty
    New, easy to use scheduling tool that works from inside your e-mail.

Bonus Link

  • In Defense of Google Flu
    From the Atlantic. The flu big data story is actually proof that big data works according to this perspective. If only the public hadn’t believed the hype, they’d see that the reality is delightful. It’s one of those arguments that is absolutely true and at the same time absolutely out of touch with the ways of the world

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