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The essence of great recruiting is to fish where the fish are.

The essence of great recruiting is to fish where the fish are.  As times change, the ‘recruiting waters’ get overfished. This is what makes the profession so highly flexible.  Over the course of a decade, the success of one technique creates the demand for the next.

More than any other corporate function, recruiting involves adaptation to rapidly changing markets. Companies that shift their methods with the times thrive. Companies that don’t, wither.

In 2012, that means learning how to use social media as a part of your recruiting effort.  In a few short years, the center of the Internet moved from static sites to the more vibrant and interactive universe of online networks. Job Boards give way to social media as users are migrate to the new world.

Here are a few stats that put the story in perspective:

  •  23% of all hours spent online are spent on a social media site[1].
  • 80% of all Internet users are members of at least one social network[2]
  • 66% of all Americans use a social network[3]
  • 25% of all American internet traffic is on Facebook alone[4]

We’ve released a new White Paper, “Facebook Recruiting Basics: A Guide to 21st Century Employment Branding. It lays out the core principles you need to understand in order to recruit effectively on Facebook. Download it here.

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