It’s been a couple of days since the Prescription Lens Google Glass ended up actually on my face. It took nearly six weeks to navigate the ordering process (see the first note in this series) and the installation of my prescription. Wearing them has been really, really interesting

photo of person wearing google glass on google glass field review on hr examiner by john sumser march 7 2014

Google Glass: “The adjustment period is very rich. I think the transition is one of those mind opening things like getting immersed in a new culture.” – John Sumser

Some things I’m noticing:

  • Privacy is not a line, it’s a relative density. Glass is a privacy sensor if you pay attention. Privacy has observable pockets and thresholds.
  • Communicating in flashcards will make us all better artists. The required communications format in a device like this is sort of a visual twitter space. More like a powerpoint with a limit of a couple hundred characters but massively improved with maps. The google maps element is a brilliant piece of visual design.
  • The center of my consciousness shifts to a place in front of my eyes, not the usual behind them.
  • Limiting and focusing the information in your stream makes it way more powerful.
  • I’m using different eye muscles.
  • At the end of the day, my data buffers (I don’t know how else to describe this) are all overloaded with rich, context sensitive images and data chunks. There’s an interesting process involved in getting the overload completely processed. (That probably sounds pretty weird)
  • There’s no way of avoiding the creepy factor. Heather Bussing, my partner in crime, says it adds a third person to the relationship. I think there will be places and times that they aren’t okay in the house.
  • 18 months from now, these things will not be nearly as intrusive. They’ll be 50 to 75% smaller.

And, that’s just the surface. I’ll fill in some of the obvious details in the coming pieces.

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