In the transition, I’ve gotten all sorts of new accounts. is hosted by a company called DreamHosts, these days. I haven’t been a customer long enough to decide whether or not I like them. But, they do know how to write a job ad.

Item #3 in their current newsletter (sent to customers, exclusively) is the following gem:

Have you always dreamed of a career in groveling and prostrating oneself before the almighty customer? Do you love offering your bare soul up to the masses for piercing scrutiny and painful mockery? Are you a natural-  born apologizer like me?

Then a career at DreamHost could be the job for you! We’re now taking applications for our (paid) “Summer” internships, which are actually for whenever and for as long as forever:

And, we’re always hiring people for regular jobs too… see:

If you’ve already got a great job with great people and great apologies, then I hope you’ll accept my sincerest regrets at wasting your time with this section.

It’s funny, specific, targeted gives a flavor of the culture and very, very authentic. By putting it in the newsletter, DreamHost acknowledges what most companies know….great customers make great employees.

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