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2016 07 13 hrexaminer grist for the mill sumser photo img cc0 by david mceachan via pexels photo 90911 sq Gems from my facebook flow

  • Recruiting is not about finding the best person for the job. Saying that is a disservice to hiring managers and candidates both. Recruiting is all about finding the best available candidate given the available time and resources.
  • Learning Resources from Howard Rheingold
    The best curated collection of links and ideas about digital learning.
  • Ironically, Software as a Service (SaaS) is the Productization of Enterprise software.
  • Tesla is the only car maker beta testing its autopilot on the General Public
    This is important for HR Software vendors because many of them are beta testing psychological recommendations on the general public. This may be Silicon Valley hubris at its worst.
  • An algorithm that is acted upon without reflection is called a policy.
  • The Social Network Illusion that tricks your mind.
    … Lerman and co have discovered ..paradox, which they call the majority illusion. This is the phenomenon in which an individual can observe a behavior or attribute in most of his or her friends, even though it is rare in the network as a whole.
  • Too much news makes us scared
    @DaveWiner at his best
  • About the DAO (Distributed Autonomous Organizations)
    What do you do when the boss is an AI module and the organization has flat distributed ownership? The white paper is way better than most.

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