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Hank Stringer, seminal HR industry figure, CEO Stringer Executive Search

Hank Stringer, seminal HR industry figure, CEO Stringer Executive Search

The recruiting segment expands and contracts with the economy. Just before the crash, there were nearly 500,000 Recruiters. Within a year, that number was closer to 150,000. The same thing hapens over and over again.

Today, the ranks of recruiters are steadily increasing. Five years after the crash, the ramp up has begun. It’s a little slower this time.

It’s hard to find a recruiter who has survived a number of the cycles. The two biggest recent crashes were astonishing in both size and duration. There aren’t very many war stories to tell. Most of the veterans are gone.

One day, we’ll build a Recruiters’ Hall of Fame. Some of the players will be:

  • Lars Perkins (inventor of the Applicant Tracking System)
  • Bill Warren (founder of the first really big job board)
  • Lloyd Linn (founder of Dice, the first tech job board)
  • Jeff Taylor (founder of Monster)
  • Andy McKelvey (the financial and deal genius behind Monster’s rise)
  • Bill Vick (relentless Champion of online Recruiting, founder of Recruiters online network)
  • David Manaster (CEO ERE, founder of the first broad online community for Recruiters)

The list gets long fast (I’d love to hear your recommendations).

One of the seminal figures in the industry is a guy named Hank Stringer.

Stringer is a life long recruiter who got the bug to automate the recruiting process. Of all the major tech initiatives, Hank’s Hire.com was the only system designed by and for recruiters. The company was both the most visible venture backed company in the industry and the most well conceived.

Hire.com’s design foresaw contemporary concerns about the candidate experience. Why? Hank understood the importance of establishing the right tone quickly in a recruiting relationship.

Among his most famous insights is the notion that recruiting is a bi-directional sales process. In other words, the recruiter is always balancing the needs and interests of both sides of the negotiation. The recruiter has to be able to effectively handle mutually exclusive realities and bring deals to closure.

You will never meet a better prepared, more enthusiastic, humble leader than Hank Stringer.

Over the course of the a decade, Hire.com became an unshakable part of the Recruiting landscape. The firm is responsible for a number of ideas that still hold sway in the current crop of recruiting tools. In the end, Hire.com was purchased by Authoria (who  acquired Peopleclick and became PeopleFluent.)

Today, Hank is struggling with Multiple Sclerosis. Diagnosed early in life, Hank kept things quiet until the disease took the upper hand. Today, he’s trying experimental treatments as he attempts to meet his personal goal of spend 50 consecutive years in the industry.

There is no Hall of Fame and no veterans fund. Instead, Hank’s family is raising the money for the current round of treatments. Please take a look at their fund raiser and donate a little bit to an industry hero.

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