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Hiring Einstein takes a look at the progress we are making hiring neurodiverse people. Small Scenarios are free to download and we require no information from you.

Hiring Einstein:

Neurodiverse people often possess remarkable capabilities

The chaos seems to be accelerating. Just as we emerge from one blinding crisis, we’re hit by another. Meanwhile, there are so many voices clamoring for attention without saying much of anything.
The rules are rapidly changing.
If you recall, the small scenarios are two-page reports designed to outline an issue, something that was broken by the discontinuity of the coronavirus pandemic. The idea is to provide a thoughtful look at a question whose answer is going to change over time.
Hiring Einstein takes a look at the progress we were making hiring people who are not neurotypical and how/why to continue into the labor scarcity.
As always, Small Scenarios are free to download. We require no information from you.

About: Heather Bussing, Michael Kannisto, and John Sumser continue their collaboration on Short Scenarios, a series of digestible papers that tackle the HR and Recruiting issues emerging from the coronavirus pandemic.
Issue № 5: The fifth issue of Small Scenarios is about hiring neurodiverse people during and after the coronavirus pandemic.
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