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HRExaminer Radio

Episode: 47
Air Date: February 28, 2014
Guest: Jeanne Achille

Devon’s CEO, Jeanne Achille, founded the award-winning agency in 1994. Committed to driving the highest levels of customer satisfaction combined with top-line results, she is a skilled entrepreneur and technology expert. Considered by many to be “one of the best public relations professionals in the business,” she is also a leading crisis management specialist. By leveraging her love of the arts and science, she designs and develops the solid communications programs that define brands, generate revenue and sustain success.

Earlier in her career, she was a sales rep, product manager, and marketing executive in the high tech industry. After living through yet another M&A event, she started Devon to validate that when properly executed, great PR was a predictable process versus serendipity. In addition to leading her company’s growth, she is involved in daily account management, media campaigns, analyst relations, content development and social media for Devon clients.

Never one to be a spectator in life, Achille has been a board member, elected official, working mother, world traveler and career mentor. In her spare time, she is a dog lover, Pilates fanatic, avid consumer of world news, and lifelong student.

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