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  • How AI detectives are cracking open the black box of deep learning. The biggest challenge facing AI adoption in HR is the ‘black box’ phenomenon. It is currently very difficult to understand and explain the way a deep learning tool makes decisions. The original designers can get you 80% of the way there. The other 20% is ‘magic’. That spells liability to a risk mitigator. This piece is a good look at current efforts to make the magic explain itself.
  • When the automatons explode. Great overview of how and when automation will reach various industries.
  • The Dark Secret at the Heart of AI. No one really knows how the most advanced algorithms do what they do. That could be a problem. Particularly if it involves liability for disparate impact.


HR’s View


  • Hiring a Product Manager: A Little Clarity Goes a Long Way. Product Managers are the archetypal job of the future: leading teams that don’t exactly report to you while navigating a rapidly changing technical landscape. Hire them first for their cognitive abilities.
  • Google Stakes Its Future on a Piece of Software. TensorFlow is a foundational piece of Machine Learning software. By making it openb source, Google simultaneously accelerates the development of the discipline and the heart of their cloud infrastructure business.




Quote of the Week

“Moore’s law — the steady doubling in integrated circuit capability every eighteen to twenty-four months — celebrated its fiftieth anniversary in 2015, at which time it was still going strong. Some have suggested recently that the law is running up against the limits of physics and thus the doubling will increasingly slow down in the years to come. This may be true, but even if the tech industry’s scientists and engineers can’t figure out how to etch silicon ever more finely in future decades, we are confident that we’ll continue to enjoy simultaneously lower prices and higher performance from our digital gear — processors, memory, sensors, storage, communications, and so on — for a long time to come.” – When the automatons explode


Curate means a variety of things: from the work of vicar entrusted with the care of souls to that of an exhibit designer responsible for clarity and meaning. At the core, it seems to mean something about the importance of empathy in organization. HRIntelligencer is an update on the comings and goings in the Human Resource experiment with Artificial Intelligence, Digital Employees, Algorithms, Machine Learning, Big Data and all of that stuff. We present 8 to 10 links with some explanation. The goal is to give you a way to surf the rapidly evolving field without drowning in information. We offer a timeless curation of the intersection of HR and the machines that serve it. We curate the emergence of Algorithmic HR.

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