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  • Advanced analytics: Nine insights from the C-suite. From McKinsey. Must read article on the trials and tribulations of bringing the 21st Century into the company. Very few in leadership have taken the time to understand what’s possible and what’s required. This is a nice synthesis.  Of course, it leaves you wishing you had a McKinsey consultant on your team. Analytics porn is like that.


HR’s View
  • Technology is setting us up for a training crisis. The article makes the case that we’re losing important knowledge by automating it.  Is this another version of “kids who get used to calculators won’t be good at math” or “if you make the transmission automatic, no one will really know how to drive?” Are we being set up for a training crisis or just shedding the mundane stuff we already despise?






Quote of the Week


There are two areas to explore. First, to understand how analytics can disrupt existing business models, set aside the time to focus on the long term. What can be learned from other industries that are farther along? What customer needs can be better met through new business models?

Second, to capture new opportunities, start with the data, analyzing what they are worth, how distinct they are, who would find them valuable, and how they can be combined with other sources to increase their value. Then, think through the business model. A simple way to get started is to conduct a market scan of the data and analytics players, as well as a competitor scan to understand what others may be doing. Identify where and how to play within this ecosystem.” Advanced analytics: Nine insights from the C-suite.


Curate means a variety of things: from the work of vicar entrusted with the care of souls to that of an exhibit designer responsible for clarity and meaning. At the core, it seems to mean something about the importance of empathy in organization. HRIntelligencer is an update on the comings and goings in the Human Resource experiment with Artificial Intelligence, Digital Employees, Algorithms, Machine Learning, Big Data and all of that stuff. We present 8 to 10 links with some explanation. The goal is to give you a way to surf the rapidly evolving field without drowning in information. We offer a timeless curation of the intersection of HR and the machines that serve it. We curate the emergence of Algorithmic HR.

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