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Big Picture
  • Scientists Need to Move Fast and Break Things. A proposal to make things move at Silicon Valley speeds. The same thinking could be applied to HR.
  • Lemonade Sets New World Record. Insurance claim filed, approved and paid in 3 seconds. When AI is running pure statistical transactions, it works like magic. This is how benefit claims will work in HR. Where the problem is fundamentally financial and not a question of judging and evaluating people, AI will turn HR upside down.
HR’s View
  • The CEO’s guide to competing through HR. From McKinsey.  There are three critical elements in HR’s impending transformation: Continuous Process Improvement, Next Gen Automation, and User (Employee) Experience.
  • J-index. Joberate offers this tool. It correlates employee job hunting behavior with the stock price for the Fortune 100. Joberate is able to correlate minor social media behavior with job changes. The definition of ‘job hunting behavior’ covers a broad array of signals.
  • Everyone’s experience in AI decision-making. Human medical decisions are usually better with a second or third opinion. Why shouldn’t that apply to machine led decisions in HR?
  • The Simple Economics of Machine Intelligence. As the cost of prediction declines, the value of insight and judgment increases. This short HBR paper delivers the sort of meaty insight you need to make sense of the technical change you are facing. Must read.
Quote of the Week

“An analytics-driven succession-planning process looks and feels very different. First, machine-learning algorithms might review years of succession data so as to understand success factors in a given role. Using that insight, the company might then derive the top five internal candidates for that role, accompanied by customized development plans (that is, what courses to take, what skills to build) based on their individual competencies. Such information would support subsequent strategic decisions, consultations between managers and strategic HR partners, and cross-functional assessments of enterprise bench strength.” – The CEO’s guide to competing through HR.


Curate means a variety of things: from the work of vicar entrusted with the care of souls to that of an exhibit designer responsible for clarity and meaning. At the core, it seems to mean something about the importance of empathy in organization. HRIntelligencer is an update on the comings and goings in the Human Resource experiment with Artificial Intelligence, Digital Employees, Algorithms, Machine Learning, Big Data and all of that stuff. We present 8 to 10 links with some explanation. The goal is to give you a way to surf the rapidly evolving field without drowning in information. We offer a timeless curation of the intersection of HR and the machines that serve it. We curate the emergence of Algorithmic HR. 

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