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On October 10, 2017, in HR Intelligencer, HRExaminer, by John Sumser

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Big Picture
  • Tech innovator Tim O’Reilly: Don’t fear technology, robots or the future. “We are living in a giant robot already. How do you find out about things? Through Google, through Facebook, through Twitter. There are these vast systems that combine algorithms and people. In some sense, we are living in the AI, and it’s a prototype AI… Right now I’m optimistic about the subject of jobs.”
  • Getting ready for the future of work. From Mckinsey. Easy to circulate piece of snippets from industry leaders about why lifelong learning is a survival question.
  • Creepiest Stories in Artificial Intelligence (AI) Development. I am bullish about the economy, new tech and the likelihood that we will all be working at jobs long after whatever it is comes along. I think much of the AI backlash is a combination of two things:
    1) We’re allowed to talk about the impact of machine authoritarianism at work and
    2) Everybody (almost) loves a good scary story.
    Here’s a bunch of scary stories
HR’s View
  • HumanVSMachine. Remarkable twitter account. It’s a bot that follows other bots and news about bots. Worth following.
Quote of the Week

“….For Davis, this sort of attitude comes from a widespread and mistaken belief in the neutrality and objectivity of AI. “Artificial intelligence is not in fact artificial,” she tells The Verge. “Machines learn like humans learn. We’re taught through culture and absorb the norms of social structure, and so does artificial intelligence. So it will re-create, amplify, and continue on the trajectories we’ve taught it, which are always going to reflect existing cultural norms.” –The invention of AI ‘gaydar’ could be the start of something much worse


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