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Big Picture
  • Principles for Accountable Algorithms and a Social Impact Statement for Algorithms. Bookmark this. You’ll be using it as the foundation for your ethics program.
  • Digitization and the American Workforce. From the Brookings Institute. “Digitalization, for one thing, is vastly expanding the potential of the American economy, and generating opportunities for many. However, the construction of an inclusive labor market as digitalization proceeds won’t happen by itself. Instead, it will require significant improvements in digital education and training, both to broaden the high-skill talent pipeline and ensure that underrepresented groups can connect to an increasingly digital economy. In addition, it is going to be important for workers to get better at being “what we are that computers aren’t.”
HR’s View
  • Key Qualities To Look For In AI And Machine Learning Experts. “Being quick to grasp new concepts is valued in any career, but the rapid evolution of AI makes it critical in this field. Even experienced researchers and engineers must constantly uplevel their skills to stay abreast of new developments. Furthermore, employers struggling to find experienced AI talent are broadening their hiring radius to trainable recruits and implementing in-house retraining programs for existing engineers. At ThoughtSpot, said Shiflett, they are seeking candidates who “of course are interested in the AI space, but really have the ability to learn quickly and stay on the forefront.”

Quote of the Week

“When was the last time a calculator didn’t do what you wanted it to? When was the last time that a person did? Algorithms like machine learning are in between these two from a deterministic standpoint.

Today we are building machines that are more complex than we can understand and we need to deal with them differently than we would previous technologies. It is no longer about specifying what we want something to do and then debugging it.”

From – Robots Are Wrong Too—Confusion Mapping for the Worst Case


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