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On December 19, 2017, in HR Intelligencer, HRExaminer, by John Sumser

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This week, we offer a few choice links focusing on AI ethics and accountability. Just what you need to read on a slow mid-winter’s day.


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“While it may go against traditional instincts around security, which usually centers on control and restrictions to fight human error, it’s best to let employees just be themselves — and design your systems to cope with that. The combination of understanding employees’ everyday interactions with IT and having the power to analyze every possible scenario in real time can help security teams define more appropriate levels of authentication for the entire workforce, from tech-savvy developers to the Luddites in the boardroom. This provides the right balance of security, privacy, and user experience, while protecting organizations—and the people within them—from themselves.” from How Machine Learning Can Help Identify Cyber Vulnerabilities


Curate means a variety of things: from the work of vicar entrusted with the care of souls to that of an exhibit designer responsible for clarity and meaning. At the core, it means something about the importance of empathy in organization. HRIntelligencer is an update on the comings and goings in the Human Resource experiment with Artificial Intelligence, Digital Employees, Algorithms, Machine Learning, Big Data and all of that stuff. We present a few critical links with some explanation. The goal is to give you a way to surf the rapidly evolving field without drowning in information. We offer a timeless curation of the intersection of HR and the machines that serve it. We curate the emergence of Machine Led Decision Making in HR.

graphic for The 2019 Index of Intelligent Technology in HR

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