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The longer the hype goes on, the fluffier the material. For the most part, this week’s articles continue our routine of getting straight to the meat. But, we picked a couple for the emphatic way that they said nothing.

Big Picture


  • The Human Strategy: A Conversation With Alex “Sandy” Pentland. “Where does culture come from? How can we select for culture in evolution when it’s the individuals that reproduce? What you need is something that selects for the best cultures and the best groups, but also selects for the best individuals because they’re the things that transmit the genes.?” Pentland is describing the ‘truth’ quotient required to make actual AI work. It seems a long way off.


HR’s View









Quote of the Week


“Human behavior is determined as much by the patterns of our culture as by rational, individual thinking. These patterns can be described mathematically, and used to make accurate predictions. We’ve taken this new science of “social physics” and expanded upon it, making it accessible and actionable by developing a predictive platform that uses big data to build a predictive, computational theory of human behavior.”  
From The Human Strategy: A Conversation With Alex “Sandy” Pentland



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