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Did you know that you can speed the video’s delivery to 1.5x or 2.0x? There are videos in a couple of the following links. As I observe the unfolding of intelligent software, I’m noticing that the great video content on the topic is not being widely shared. Last week we showcased the MIT AI Intro course. This week, we feature Rob Miles, a British AI theorist.

This week’s material reflects the end of the trade show season. Content volume typically dips in intensity as we approach Memorial Day in the US. These links are intended to refresh and rearm.
– John Sumser


Big Picture


  • The Rob Miles YouTube Channel. Rob Miles is passionate about AI Safety – If we ever invent or discover a general artificial intelligence of human intelligence or higher, it’s important to have safety precautions in place. In total, this is 2 hours and fifteen minutes of video in eleven segments. Bookmark it. Rob has a good grasp of the fundamental issues and fears about AI.
  • The 10 biggest announcements from Google I/O 2018. If you didn’t follow these announcements, it’s worth the time investment.


HR’s View


  • Demystifying AI. Great article in HRExecutive by John Sumser. Details the AI track at this year’s HR Technology conference inLass Vegas (early September). Also includes key questions for vendor evaluations.




  • FutureMe. Great service that lets you send your future self an email. Good for keeping track of long goals and other stuff you want to remember. It’s on this list because this is the best source of intelligence in the future….you.




  • How to Study Smarter Not Harder and Retain More in Less Time. Okay, you are buried in the massive flow of technical information. You feel swamped, overwhelmed. You are sure you can’t keep up with the changes. Welcome to the future. This little essay is an intro to the best tools you can have. Mostly it involves your ability to prioritize and focus. It’s a great system to make sure that you learn from the information you consume. Well worth the five minutes.
  • A Deep Learning Primer for Executives. Imagine a system that enables to identify customer churn for a telco organization. One way to design this system is to craft rules about how to determine who will churn. A series of business rules are hand-crafted for a specific purpose, i.e., identify customers who will churn. Creating lot of rules is an arduous task. There are a lot of factors and their permutations. Rules are also prone to frequent changes. As the customer profile changes or the business model changes, these rules need to be altered. Another way to identify customer churn would create statistical learning models. They learn it from past churn information. These models take some inputs a.k.a features. These features impact customer churn. They predict if customer churns or not.These models are Machine Learning models. They learn from the past data and input features. They adapt to the characteristics of input data changes.


Quote of the Week


“The advent of intelligent software also creates an array of ethical issues. As machines take a greater role in understanding and managing people, there will be a constant clarification of the different roles people and computers play. Expect to see some unintended consequences while we explore the difference between a recommendation and a decision. The difference, of course, is that a decision involves liability, and a recommendation doesn’t. The underlying question as to when a recommendation becomes a decision will occupy lots of conversation in the coming years.

Bonus Quote of the Week:



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