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On August 18, 2010, in HRExaminer, John Sumser, by John Sumser

HR Transformation on HRExaminer

During July, I attended the HR Management Institute conference ini Atlanta. It was a gathering of about 100 senior HR leaders in a secluded setting north of the city. I’ve been integrating the things I learned in the weeks that followed.

HR in large organizations is staffed and operated by amazing people who are focused on solving problems that range from operational efficiencies to projects that completely transform the way companies see themselves.

it looks like there are several kinds of transformation in HR:

  • things that improve the delivery of HR Services as currently conceived
  • Projects that dramatically change one aspect of the enterprise
  • Ways of operating HR that transform the very idea of HR

A quick review of online literature on HR Transformation is almost exclusively focused on the first category. So called ‘shared services’ approaches are really a new twist on the long standing questions about centralization and decentralization that characterize all fads in organizational thinking.

There is simply nothing serious out there about HR as an intentionally transformative function.

Even the best of the emerging thinkers about HR as the engine of organizational excellence are stuck in the mud trying to get enough velocity to establish a real vision.

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