HR Carnival 2012 Forecast Edition

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This edition of the HRCarnival is focused on the coming year. It looks like 2012 will be full of opportunity. If you take some time to scan through the various forecasts, trend analyses and soapbox standupons, you should be able to develop your own set of tea leaves for gazing.

Of course, your day wouldn’t be complete without a review of the HRExaminer’s Forecasts for 2012.

If you’re not a Naomi Bloom fan, now would be a great time to start. She’s offered up a piece called Eight Characteristics of HRM and Effective HRM Delivery Systems. Generally speaking, HR folks shy away from the deepest aspects of HR Technology. Naomi makes a clear and compelling case that you can not do effective HR without a thoroughly integrated software system. You might think of her forecast as: if you don’t get tech savvy (and we’re not talking social media), you’re at risk of becoming irrelevant. You can often find Bloom with her key coconspirators, Bill Kutik and Jason Averbrook.

John Hollon (at TLNT) weighs in with 14 notions. It’s a summary of Bersin’s Forecast report. The Bersin offering also formed the basis of this piece at

One of the most interesting pieces comes from SHRM. Future Insights summarizes the work of a series of expert panels who have identified key trends in the major HR Silos. While it reads a little like a series of manifestos created by committees, the work is though provoking and conveys the complexities facing HR Departments. Definitely take a look. SHRM also publishes an interesting Trend Book.

John Sullivan predicts that 2012 will be the year of the mobile platform. Sullivan sees social tools becoming more data driven.

One of the best kinds of forecasts is the kind that talks about your salary and your future. Take a look at this gem from Michael Page International

This outline, from, will give you a sense of the critical issues facing a standard HR Department

Audio and Video Forecasts

Workday has a great webinar featuring Kutik, Bloom, Averbrook and Ray Wang called Predict and Prepare. Take a listen.

From TRU Dublin

If you look at this video carefully, you’ll see that Bill Boorman managed to integrate a few vampires (you can tell by their eyes) into this Irish forecast-a-thon. Everyone who attended TRU Dublin this week was given two word with which to predict the coming year. Apparently, the predictions were extremely dangerous for the vampires who turned the music up to prevent the secret from getting out.


From SharedHR

This is the traditional HR forecast with an emphasis on the legal issues.

From Leo Burnett

Super Ad Agency Leo Burnett starts with the demographic, economic, technical and social realities of 2011 to build its view of 2012. The darkness begets an avalanche of collective action in a commercial context.

Consumers (who show up in our organizations as employees) have more power in their pockets than ever imagined. Burnett suggests that a new form of joint behavior will start to drive social change. Is it coming to your shop?

They call it “the transformation of aspiration”.


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