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HR Demo Show Las Vegas December 8 & 9 2010 Las VegasHRDemo Show

Have you ever seen a demo come off without a hitch? There’s something about the combination of people trying to make a good impression and technology that creates really funny moments. Implicit in the notion of a software demonstration is the idea that there will be some level of failure. All software breaks during a demo. It’s a law of nature.

What’s amazing about those moments of failure is that they show you the true nature of the team behind the software.

When things go wrong, what surfaces is the corporate culture, the way the organization handles problems, embarrassments, and other snafus. More than anything else, what you want to know about a potential subcontractor is how they behave under these circumstances. How people behave during a s**tstorm is one of the most important things you can discover.

If you’re a regular reader, you’ve noticed the HRDemo Show logo on the HRExaminer and websites. It’s a new project, done in a partnership with sharedXpertise, the events and publishing company. You’ll recognize sharedXpertise as the publisher of HRO Today and other tightly focused periodicals.

The HRDemo Show is all software all the time. Held on the 8th and 9th of December at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, the event is a first of it’s kind. For two days, we will be featuring nothing but demos from the biggest and most innovative firms in the HR Software Industry. Each day, there will be multiple tracks of 6 Hour Long Demos.

At most trade shows, the vendors are a second thought. Shoved into the vendor ghetto, they subsidize the conference hoping for an opportunity to discover interested customers. It’s a numbers game with its roots in direct marketing. If you yell loud enpugh and give away 50,000 plastic objects, you’ll discover some warm leads. The vendor component of the trade show (which is the trade part of the nomenclature) is not very interesting for either the vendors or the participants.

As we envisioned the HRDemo show, we tried to imagine just the opposite. We wanted to create an environment where vendors and customers could really get to know each other. Rather than a screaming throng wedged into a sea of visual and auditory stimulus, we hoped for a thoughtful showcase for competitors. At the HRDemo Show, 400 to 500 customers will divide their time between four choices during each hour of programming.

Each ‘presenter’ will have an hour in which they get to tell their story to an audience that wants to hear it. This approach brings transprency and flair to the sales process. An audience of 125 or so potential clients will all hear the same story and have the opportunity to interact with the teams behind the product.

Rather than a game of who can yell the loudest in the mob, the HRDemo Show will involve a competition on the quality of the product and the character of the team.

If you want to really understand the changing face of the industry and the people who are making it happen, this is the place to spend some time.

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