Don't Be a Drag - Just Be a Queen
Don't Be a Drag, Just Be a Queen by Heather Bussing
Don't Be a Drag, Just be a QueenMany women are upset at being called "nurturing" at work. They want you to know that they can handle the union busting men of HR and are really most concerned about the financial bottom line. They are not nurturing. They are busy managing a business. They do not nurture people. The role of women in the workplace has changed a lot in the last 25 years. Women now have the opportunity to be complete assholes, just like men. But many choose not to. Read More »

one-time-only HRxAnalysts webinar with George LaRocque, Bret Starr and John SumserWebinar Invitation: What HR Thinks and Feels This is a one-time-only presentation of the data from "What HR Thinks and Feels" from HRxAnalysts with George LaRocque, Bret Starr and John Sumser. If you already have something scheduled for April 19th at Noon Central, please cancel it. Even if you've purchased the report (it costs $1,195), HRxAnalysts' discussion of this material will not be distributed later as a presentation and the webinar will not be recorded (HRxAnalysts usually charges for this data). Sign Up Now »

Getting The Work Done by Jay CrossJay Cross on HRExaminer "Today's most rewarding work is conceptual. Workers deal with novel situations on the fly. These may be human interactions (service is replacing manufacturing as the driver in almost all the world's economies) or dealing with uncertainty and surprises (complex environments are inherently unpredictable). Innovation has become more important than production. Doing the right things, often new things, trumps doing things right." - Jay Cross Read More »

Social Intelligence a review of Social Intelligence on HRExaminer On the firm Social Intelligence: If you've been following our view of the evolution of software, this is exactly what the next generation of software looks like. Software as a service is a service and it is increasingly about the people who deliver it. Read More »

a review of Social Intelligence on HRExaminerBrand Aid #1 Logos, taglines and color choices are important. They can set the tone for communications and shape both market perception and the organization's internal aspirations. But, a company with a fresh new logo, a smart tag line and well chosen colors is a lot like a teenage boy dressed and ready for his first formal dance. Looks good, smells good and makes mommy proud but the rubber meets the road at the curb of the girlfriend's house. Read More »

Sponsor: Ultimate Software’s HCM Deployment Case StudyUltimate Software's HCM Deployment Case Study
Great step-by-step review webcast from Ultimate Software that features one of their customers, CommuniCare, on how they hunted for and deployed a new HCM solution. Rachel Stevens of CommuniCare provides details on obtaining top management buy-in, strategic planning, the evaluation process, and creating an executive summary and analysis. Hear a firsthand account of everything involved in the selection of a new solution, including tips for HCM demos, site visits, client references, activation, testing, and going live. Listen to the Podcast Now

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