Relationships ~ HRExaminer Weekly Edition v2.41 October 21, 2011

Relationships Relationships Simple truth: Your effectiveness depends on how you feel about yourself and others. All of the sourcing and record keeping programs in the world won’t begin to compensate for a recruiting process that treats potential candidates as objects. Read Now »

Steve Smith from The Starr Conspiracy talks about Talent LessonsThree Talent Lessons From General Surgery “One of the things I’ve learned about HR: You guys are put in a position to say “no” a lot. I feel for you. It isn’t fun.” Here’s another side of the story from Steve Smith. Read Now »

The Avatar in our Heads by Mark McMillanThe Avatars in Our Heads I don’t just drink the Apple Kool–aid — I bath in it. The excitement drained from my face as soon as the Steve Job’s memorial page filled the screen. Read Now »

What Happens in Vegas (HRTech)
HRTech update from Vegas If Bill Kutik were Neil Young, HRTech would be his Bridge School Benefit. The annual conversation marathon, now headed for its fifteenth year, is ground zero for the universe of people who think that technology ought to be at the heart of HR. Read Now »


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The Avatars in Our Heads

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