HRExaminer Issue v1.02

On January 15, 2010, in HRExaminer, John Sumser, Weekly, by John Sumser

January 15, 2010 HRExaminer v1.02

What’s on HRExaminer this week v1.02


Our feature story looks at the first of 5 possible scenarios for the future of Recruiting. It’s an interesting time to ponder the future of recruiting when the profession is 30% to 50% smaller than it was 18 months ago, technology is changing rapidly, and a new generation is coming to work.

No doubt, it would serve us sun in handswell to ask what’s on the mind of a top notch consultant as she leads an organization of 7,000 HR professionals and consultants who execute the HR operations for 30 major global concerns? That’s this weeks Top 100 Influencer Mary Sue Rogers.

Perhaps we should run the numbers on this score? That’s just what Infohrm would say. On The HRExaminer’s desk is one of the most amazing pieces of HR work we’ve ever run across. At 600 pages, the spiral bound book is a ream of paper devoted to the documentation of HR Metrics. You guessed it, we sum it all up for you in this week’s HRExaminer.

To cap this week off we look at the Top 100 Influencer Project at midpoint and discover it has Influenza in Influenza Top 100 Status Report while going on to ponder topics like why big companies suck and the value in firing people who do an adequate job from this weeks In-The-Know – Five Useful links v.1.02.


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