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HRExaminer Radio

Guest: George LaRocque, President, LAROCQUE, LLC
Episode: 139
Air Date: December 18, 2015


George LaRocque is recognized as one of the top global influencers and thought leaders in the world of B2B Human Resources and workforce technology. He has amassed more than 25 years in the field as a Recruiter, Talent Management professional, HR practitioner, HR Technology executive, analyst and consultant. George has launched some of the most successful HR technology brands in the market.

George is the President of LAROCQUE, LLC where he publishes the #hrwins reports on HR technology innovation. He speaks publicly where people are passionate about the connections between technology, talent, and work. He helps employers understand the HR technology landscape and the trends that are impacting their work in the field. He helps customer-focused HR technology vendors better understand the HR practitioner, where the market is headed, and how to better engage them. He can be found on Twitter @glarocque and on the web at or


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