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Guest: Lisa Cervenka and Jason Seiden, Co-Founders, Brand Amper
Episode: 141
Air Date: January 6, 2016


Jason Seiden’s personal mission is to ignite in others the power and influence of their individual voices; his professional goal is to help people, organizations, and brands find and fine-tune their voices so they can affect positive change at scale.

From his very first job, his career has centered around the highest pressure, highest stakes forms of communication: public speaking, social media, corporate politics, marketing, teaching, employer branding, authorship, blogging… the stuff that brings so many people to tears is exactly the stuff that brings him to life, and has helped make him a fearless communicator. He has been tested at the highest levels, at the best known brands in the world.

Lisa Cervenka, Chief Branding Officer & cofounder of Brand Amper… and a brand nerd. Her sweet spot is helping professionals and companies craft meaningful brands that stand the test of time. Lisa is partial to technology companies—the more complex the product or service, the better. Cofounding Brand Amper has allowed her to expand her skills even further, into employer branding—the most demanding brand you will ever meet. Brand Amper’s SaaS Employer Branding platform helps enterprise clients engage employees at scale to partner in genuine, high-impact recruitment marketing. Free time? Not much, but it usually involves cooking and writing.

Brand Amper pioneered the use of social media for employer branding by using it to eliminate the duality between personal and company brands. Brand Amper’s profersonal™ approach unifies employees’ professional + personal identities, giving people the confidence that their social identity will resonate across both their personal and professional networks, and giving them a clear, authentic reason to engage with company messaging.


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